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Workplace Injury

You or your family member has been injured at work.

What do we do now?


FIRST, if you are hurt, immediately go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room or Acute Care Clinic.


  • Untreated injuries sometimes get worse.

  • You may be injured more seriously than you believe.

  • A delay in treatment may be seen later by an insurance adjuster or Labor and Industries claims manager as proof that you were not really injured.

SECOND, ask your employer to notify the Department of Labor and Industries. Your employer is legally required to report all on-the-job or other workplace injuries.


  • Because the sooner a Department of Labor and Industries (on the job) file is set up the sooner the Department will begin paying your medical bills and processing Time-Loss benefits you may be entitled to.

THIRD, contact an attorney immediately to have your case reviewed.


  • You may have a "Third Party" claim in addition to your Worker's Compensation claim. A "Third Party" claim is one which if proved, entitles you to money damages above and beyond that which Labor and Industries will pay.

  • Some on-the-job injuries are caused by someone other than your employer. For example, you may have been hurt due to the fault of another subcontractor on the job. You may have been hurt by a defective or broken piece of machinery. You may have been hurt while driving a company car or truck.

  • These types of claims have to be investigated early before witnesses disappear and memories fade.

  • Worker's Compensation claims do not permit recovery for general damages such as pain and suffering.

But I don’t have any money to hire an attorney. What can I do?

Answer: We will evaluate your case with no charge to you. If we believe we can help you, we will represent you on a contingent fee basis. A contingent fee is one where we will charge you a percentage of what we recover for you, ONLY IF AND WHEN WE ARE SUCCESSFUL.

But I don't want to sue anyone. Can I still make a claim?

Answer: Yes. Most cases can be settled without a trial.

Do I even need an attorney for a simple on the job injury which does not involve a third party claim?

Answer: As long as the Department is paying your Time-Loss benefits and medical bills you probably do not need to hire an attorney. However, you should always consult an attorney when the Department begins to close your claim or schedules you to be examined by a panel of thier doctors. It is at this point that you will need legal counsel.


We have helped many families through the often confusing aftermath of a serious injury. We know the law. We know how to get your medical bills paid. We know how to prove the monetary value of your other losses, such as scarring, disfigurement, pain and suffering, etc.


Call us today at (425) 451-8333 to speak with our Bellevue, WA workplace injury lawyer. Our injury attorney will give you a Free Case Evaluation.

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